Group Visits

Group Visits are IPS’s way of offering another approach to help our patients manage their pain. The groups are not mandatory, but are encouraged as a way to interact in a group setting once a month. The group is taught by a pain specialist.

One of the group sessions may focus more on expressive writing and others the effects anxiety, stress and lack of sleep have on chronic pain. There have even been groups where one patient taught the others a dance, and another group a patient taught the group to do arts and crafts. There was also a yoga class for those who were interested.

Group Visits are offered because they help manage pain.

Since the age of 17, a back disease left me in chronic, unrelenting back pain which ultimately led to spine surgery. My journey with back pain sparked an interest and ultimately the study and practice of chiropractics in Orlando, Florida for 10 years, before a shoulder injury nudged me into entering medical school.

I am now a board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist. So, after studying and managing painful conditions for patients the last 33 years, I continue to specialize in integrating the body, mind and spirit into my practice at Integrated Pain Solutions in North Carolina.

Todd Reiter, MD, DC

Todd Reiter, MD

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