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Yoga for Wellness & Movement Therapy

Finding ease on your journey to pain relief

Yoga Therapy

In yoga therapy, the body is used as a vehicle for gaining personal insight into the source of our limitations, whether mental or physical.

Combining movement and talk therapy, you will be guided to notice you emotional responses to physical sensations through breathwork, postures, and deep present awareness.

Group Yoga

Yoga can help aid in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, difficulty sleeping, and reducing the severity of side effects from medication.

Beginners will experience the benefits of yoga through gentle, non-strenuous exercise, which build strength, flexibility, and awareness. You will also learn techniques and movements to incorporate in everyday life.

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  1. Lowers blood pressure
  2. Improves sleep
  3. Improves mood
  4. Reduces joint pain
  5. Increases flexibility
  6. Tones muscles
  7. Reduces neck and back pain
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Movement Therapy

Are you tired of hurting every time you get out of bed? Are you tired of not being able to do daily activities because of pain? If this sounds like you, ask your provider about our program at your first appointment. These classes will be focused on corrective movements to reduce pain, improve your daily function, and increase activity levels throughout your day.

Movement Therapy Services
  • Individual assessments with clinical testing to recognize imbalances and produce a personal treatment plan
  • Personalized therapy program to reduce pain, increase mobility, and increase functionality of the body for daily activities
  • Instruction on strengthening and correctional movements for underlying improper postural patters while teaching how to prevent further injury through awareness of body mechanics
  • Individual and group yoga sessions to incorporate mindfulness
Benefits of Movement Therapy
  • Reduce pain and medication
  • Prevention of further injury
  • Improvement of daily function, daily activities, sleep and mood
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Ways to Get Moving

Online Videos

Videos for yoga sequences, breathwork techniques, and instructional videos are uploaded regularly to the IPS website, as well as to the Facebook page.

Private Classes

Private sequences tailored to their goals and needs, offered live or prerecorded.

Our Services

We take pride in the work that we do, that is why choose to offer only the finest services here at IPS. We offer personalized care that is sure to show you and your loved ones that we are the superior choice for your care.

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Integrated Pain Solutions offers multiple procedures such as Epidural Steroid Injections, Facet Joint Injections, Sympathetic Ganglion Blocks, Sacro-Iliac Joint Blocks, Neurostimulation & many such other.
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Renewal Solutions

Integrated Pain Solutions is pleased to announce that as part of our comprehensive services we also offer MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) for patients with or suspected of having an opiate use disorder (OUD) or substance abuse disorder (SUD).


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